BSC Employees are allotted 5 Bereavement days

Rule 27 – Bereavement Allowance will no longer apply to those represented employees who are subject to the February 8, 201 I or July 20, 2012 letter agreements or the December 3, 2010 MOU with the TCU that preserved certain terms and conditions of employment. Instead, MTA All Agency Policy 11-019 – Bereavement Policy, as may be amended from time to time or discontinued, will apply to such employees on the same basis and  under the same terms and conditions as apply to eligible MTA non-represented employees.


Per Charles Glasgow, Senior Director of Employee and  Labor Relation

Pursuant to Rule -22 – Holiday in the the TCU-IT collective bargaining agreement and Rule 15- Holiday payment in the TCU-BSC collective bargaining agreement, to qualify for holiday pay. a TCU represented employee must work the regularly scheduled workday before and after the holiday.

Bereavement leave days will be considered as having worked for purposes of qualifying for holiday pay.