Copay Reimbursement

Copay Reimbursement

  • TCU Headquarters, BSC and MNCRR Employees Only
  • Eligibility Active Employees with 1 Year of Service
  • Procurement is not entiteld to COPAY reimbursement at this time

$325.00 Annual Reimbursement

Copay reimbursement will only be paid for the only type of Service:

  • Doctors Office Visit
  • Medical Services
  • Prescription
  • Diagnostic
  • Consultation

To Apply:

Please locate the reimbursement form located in the forms section of this website.

Please provide the Claim Detail section of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that is sent to you by the insurance provider. This is the on only paperwork approved  to submit of office visit cop-payments. The claim summary is of the EOB is not sufficient for reimbursement.  For  reimbursements  please provide either the prescription receipt with the co-pay amounts. Please note that the co-payments are reimbursed at 50% of the total amount up to $20.00 per visit and/or up to the maximum amount per family.

No other Services are eligible for reimbursement.

To Complete you application:

  1. Please complete the form located in the forms section of this Website
  2. Provide Supporting documentation
  3. Mail to: 260 West 35th Street 10 Floor New York NY 10001 or Fax to 646-858-0295 (Regional Office)
  4. Do not email reimbursements to

Retirees will be reimbursed for claims incurred up to retirement date.

Reimbursement Period is July 1st to June 30th of every year.