If you fail to receive regular communication to the Local lodge, it is possible that we may not have an up to date email address for you. Please email tculodge643@gmail.com with your email address so that we can update and test the communication.  
  • Artemis Terzidis says:

    Please add me into the communication list

    • Stephen says:

      Good Afternoon Artemis,

      We are not allowed to email you at your BSC email address. Please provided us with a personal email address and we will add you to the email blasts.


      TCU Admin

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    The bylaws of the Union do not allow for the distribution of meeting minutes to members.

    Members can review the minutes of a previous meeting by scheduling an appointment to with the recording secretary Felicia Williams who can be reached by email @ Fcwilliams1956@gmail.com.

    Machinists Non-Partisan Political League (MNPL)

    By law, dues monies cannot be used for political purposes, which is why TCU and the Machinists have established the MNPL General Fund in order to make contributions to candidates for federal office. These monies are supported only by the voluntary contributions of TCU/IAM Staff, Officers and Members that you and other lodge officers sign up. In 2018, TCU raised over $400,000 for the MNPL General Fund.

    Attached is a copy of the MNPL deduction form which we encourage you to complete and send back to us via email or fax (instructions are on the form). Please be advised that Resolution 14, which was unanimously passed by the delegates at TCU’s 35th Regular Grand Lodge Convention, calls on all TCU/IAM Local Lodge Officers to contribute to MNPL at a minimum of $10.00 per month. Furthermore, it calls on the Lodge President to deliver a copy to all Lodge officers and read it into the minutes of a Local Lodge meeting.

    Politics play a crucial role in our lives, both on and off the job. Every aspect of our members’ jobs is connected – one way or another – to politics. Therefore, in order to secure the advancement of our members’ jobs, we must work through the political system – and we do this with the MNPL contributions. TCU is working very hard on Capitol Hill keeping track of what is being proposed and ensuring that it is in the best interest of its membership and our Union.

    As a Local Lodge Officer, part of your responsibility is to contribute, promote and solicit TCU members to give to MNPL. As well as encourage members to write letters and visit their Congressional Representatives on issues of importance to TCU.

    Every TCU union representative has the moral and constitutional obligation to be on MNPL payroll deduction and to solicit our members to contribute a minimum of $2.00 to $5.00 per month. These monies are essential in our efforts to get candidates elected who will advance our union’s issues.

    Political Action Wage Deduction Authorization Card

    Please fax or mail your copay reimbursement form directly to the Jamaica Office. The address and fax # is listed on the form. Please do not email document to tculodge643@gmail.com unless you are having an issue.

    The Seniority Roster is maintain by Richard J. Cairns, Deputy Director/ Labor Counsel. All protests should be made in writing and delivered to the Business Service Center, 333 W 34th Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10001

    Union dues are deducted on the second paycheck of the month.

    Union dues are paid a month in advance for the current months benefits. Most will notice that on the second paycheck of the month after their hire date that the dues will double for that month.