Medical Opt – Out

Medical Insurance Program Opt-Out

MTA All Agency Policy Directive 11-020 –  Medical Insurance Program  Opt-Out, as maybe amended from time to time or discontinued, will apply to all represented employees on the same basis and under the same terms and conditions  as apply to eligible MTA non-represented employees.

It is understood that TCU-represented transferees to the BSC from the commuter railroads pursuant to  the December 3, 2010 MOU who participate in the Medical  Insurance Program Opt-Out  will continue  to contribute to defray the cost of Health Benefits for the bargaining unit pursuant to Article II – “Health and Welfare Benefits” of the July 2014 Memorandum of Understanding between the TCU and Long Island Rail Road and the August 18, 2014 Memorandum of Understanding between the TCU and Metro-North as may be amended.

Note: New Hires can only waive medical coverage and must submit a Medical Opt out form during Annual Open Enrollment to receive their opt incentive in the following plan year.