Contract Negotiation Highlights

BSC Contract expires March 31, 2020

What’s on the table.


  • General Wage Increases
  • Pension
  • 401K Match Increase
  • Additional Vacation Time
  • Additional Sick Time
  • Longevity Pay
  • Floating Holiday
  • Increase in Life Insurance – Basic, Supplemental & Dependent Life
  • Additional Maternity / Paternity Leave
  • Personal Days
  • Universal Pass – Noticed that TWU is trying to Negotiate the Pass to cover NJT New Jersey Transit (Which is Port Authority??
  • Paid FMLA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             As a Public employer, you may voluntarily opt into New York Paid Family Leave at any time. … Paid Family Leave coverage for non-represented employees can be determined by the Public Employer. A labor union may collectively bargain with a public employer to provide Paid Family Leave benefits to represented employees.
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Confirm Retiree Health & Welfare entitlements 10 years of Service to retire with Benefits for BSC TCU?


Updated: March 4, 2021 — 11:08 pm

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  1. So If I apply for paid family leave as a TCU member to take care of a family member. Im not eligible, is this correct. Only non represented are eligible.

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