NYC implements new mask guidance for City employees, sets goal for return to normalcy

NEW YORK — As New York City continues to reopen and show progress in its COVID-19 battle, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday new mask guidance for city employees.

Effective immediately, vaccinated City employees can work without masks in the office and end limitations on physical distancing.

Unvaccinated workers and those interacting with the public must continue to wear masks, according to the mayor.

“We’re going to keep raising the bar,” the mayor said.

All New York City agencies must implement the new guidelines by July 6.

“We want to do this because it’s the right time to do it, people are ready. We want to do this to set the pace for everybody else,” the mayor said.

The deadline comes days after the mayor’s plan to have the city “fully reopen” on July 1.

As vaccination rates continue to climb and the COVID-19 positivity rate remains low, Mayor de Blasio also set a goal to have the City office return to normal by September if the CDC guidelines allow.

“We think we’re on that track right now, that people will be back into their offices basically as they were before the pandemic,” de Blasio said.

Most City employees returned to in-person work in May with strict safety measures implemented, including social distancing and ventilation systems.

Updated: July 2, 2021 — 12:23 am

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