Staten Island – New Dental Plan






We are pleased to announce that we have worked with the MTA to procure a New Dental Plan for our Staten Island members with an effective start date of October 1, 2020.

The new plans will be administered by CIGNA Dental and will consist of a: 

Cigna (DHMO) – Dental HMO In-Network Services.

Cigna (PPO) In-Network and Out of Network Services. 

The Business Service Center Benefits department in preparation for this change will work default all participants into a NEW CIGNA plan for the October 1st, 2020 implementation. 

Members who would like to change their plans after reviewing the plan options will be allowed to switch their plans from PPO to DHMO and vice versa during the Annual Open Enrollment Period for the 2021 plan year. 

Note: All MetLife Fee Schedule participants will be enrolled in the Cigna Dental PPO Plan, designed to give members coverage IN and OUT of network effective October 1st, 2020. Be on the look-out for communication from the Business Service Center announcing the new plan (tentatively) in August to be followed by an introductory Welcome Kit from CIGNA Dental that will provide further details about the plan design. 


Updated: October 28, 2020 — 6:14 pm

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